Diving Ambon

Diving with us

Bluemotion Ambon serves all levels of diver, from complete beginners to the most professional. Experienced dive masters and instructors take care of beginners; guided diving is available for small groups, with your own buddy or personal dive master. Solo diving is possible if you have the required experience and equipment.

We always do our best to meet your requirements, safely.

The Dive Centre operates from August to end of June when water temperature is between 26° and 30°C. Due to our long dive times, we recommend 5 mm long wetsuits. In July we are closed due to the rain season.

Muck Diving

Muck diving usually takes place in brackish water, mangroves and harbours- environments that offer many possibilities for shelter. Competition for food and habitat is less and the pressure from predators is lower than in a coral reef. Critters in these environments have evolved incredible shapes, colours and behaviors. Discovering and observing them is uniquely fascinating – muck diving is addictive!

Ambon Bay, especially under its piers, has just the variety and quantity of debris to provide habitats for the best muck diving- even in an old tin can you can find a marvelous creature. Yet the water is unusually clear for muck diving, with has an average visibility of 15 m.

In particular UW Video- and Photographers will relish the opportunity to observe the behaviour and capture extraordinary pictures and movies of rare creatures, virtually alone at sites with dive time only limited by air.